1.     Armand is planning a crawfish boil for the weekend. Crawfish are like tiny lobsters, about 3 to 4 in. long. They are especially popular in Louisiana. Crawfish are cooked in a pot of boiling water with spicy seasoning, called a “crawfish boil.” Every 10 lb of crawfish requires 24 oz of seasoning.

(a)   What is the unit rate and what does this number mean?

(b)   How much seasoning would Armand need for 30 lb of crawfish? Explain or show your work.

(c)   What is the maximum number of pounds of crawfish that can be cooked with 36 oz of seasoning? Explain or show your work.

 Oct 9, 2018

a)  Unit rate  =  24 oz / 10lb   = 2.4 oz /  lb

This means that we  need 2.4 oz of seasoning for every pound of crawfish


b) For  30 lbs....we need    30 * 2.4 =  72 oz of seasoning


c)  With 36 oz of seasoning...we can cook      36 / 2.4  =  15 lbs of crawfish




cool cool cool

 Oct 9, 2018

Chris can probably tell you that 'crawfish' are also known as 'crawdads'   ....or   'MudBugs' in Louisiana !     cheeky

 Oct 9, 2018

HAHAHA!!!!!....I'm probably the only person in LA  that doesn't eat crawfish...!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Oct 9, 2018

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