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I am trying to get ahead in class as unfortunately I always fall behind ): 

I don't understand matrix transformations, and where they  are applied....

Can somebody please explain to me how these work and how they can be applied?

thank you <3 i'd really appreciate it bc i have a test soon and i really don't understand these 

 Nov 14, 2019

thank you! :) 

Nirvana  Nov 16, 2019

this says somebody replied, but it doesn't show their reponse....

 Nov 15, 2019

Thanks for answering htzhang    laugh


Hi Nirvana,

There was a link so the post was automatically locked.

I have unlocked it.   

Maybe it will help you. 


I am not very good with matrices and cannot answer an open ended question.

Sorry about that.

Melody  Nov 15, 2019

it's okay Melody! you always help me anyway :) and I really appreciate it 

Nirvana  Nov 16, 2019

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