A fence for a rectangular garden with one side against an existing wall is constructed by using 60 feet of fencing. What is the maximum area that can be enclosed

 Aug 27, 2020

The closer two numbers are when added together, the greater their product. Here is what I mean. 

Let's "shrink" this question a bit by changing rectangle to two lines, and change 60 into 10. Okay. So how would we get the largest value? We can do some guess and checking...assuming that you don't know the rule yet.


Comparing 1, 9 and 5, 5, we see that 5 * 5 is larger. Get what I mean now?


The same thing applies to 4 sides, and...that's about it. (BUT if we were talking about numbers, then it would go past the skies)


The closest the number can get to each other is 15 by 15. Simple enough, right? 


Therfore, the maximum area is 15 * 15 = 225



 Aug 27, 2020

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