What are the definitons of Mean,mode, median, range? thanks

IAmJeff  Dec 2, 2017

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Term Definition
Mean The average of a list of values
Mode The most-commonly occurring value in a list of data 
Median Value that falls midway in a list of values
Range Measure of the variation of a set of data


I hope this helps!

TheXSquaredFactor  Dec 2, 2017

That's a great answer

ProMagma  Dec 2, 2017

Here is something to remember it by:


Hey diddle diddle

The median's the middle,

You add and divide for the mean,

The mode's the one that's there the most 

and the range is inbetween.


laugh wink laugh

Melody  Dec 3, 2017

Oooh that's a very catchy rhyme! Nice memorization technique!

Guest Dec 4, 2017

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