Mike is working on solving the exponential equation 37x = 12; however, he is not quite sure where to start. Using complete sentences, describe to Mike how to solve this equation. Hint: Use the change of base formula: log base b of y equals log y over log b.

 Jan 30, 2023

these are 2 controversial explinations

you have 37x = 12

that isn't an exponential equation (something like x^n would be required)

here is my solution:

"In order to isolate x, Mike needs to divide both sides by 37 to get x = 12/37"


if you forgot to copy the whole equation respond to this with the entire equation, I think you are missing some part of it


edit: - I relized that you meant 37^x and not 37x - CPhill solved this problem already https://web2.0calc.com/questions/exponential-equations_3

 Jan 30, 2023
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