Swimming 1/4 of a mile uses about the same number of calories as running 1 mile. Juan swims 5 miles a day. About how many calories would he have to run to use the same number of calories used during his swim.

Guest Mar 15, 2017

1/4 mile swim=1 mile run (calories)

1 mile swim=calories burnt in 4 miles running

Juan swims 5 miles a day


A: 20 miles must be ran to use same number of calories used in the 5 mile swim Juan does.

ps wow thats a lot of miles

HeatherF  Mar 15, 2017

Thanks, Heather....BTW....good to see you....!!!


cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 16, 2017

wait CPhill, you actually asked this question? (I'm joking lol. I know what you actually mean by thanks, as in thanks for saving people time and answering this question).

well good to see you too. feels good to be back!

HeatherF  Mar 16, 2017

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