The positive real numbers a, b, c, and x, satisfy the equation "x=a+5b+15c=abc". Find the smallest possible value of x.


I don't want a full solution or an answer as I would wish to solve the problem myself. Can I please have a hint?

 Jan 9, 2022
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I would give you a hint if I had produced anything that made sense.  indecision

 Jan 9, 2022

If abc represents the number 100a + 10b +c, then a, b and c must be integers.


Set a + 5b + 15c = 100a + 10b + c


Manipulate this to get c in terms of a and b, then see what the minimum values of a and b must be for c to be the smallest possible positive integer.

 Jan 9, 2022

I don't think the question is referring abc as 100a + 10b + c since a, b, and c are positive real numbers, not integers from 0-9. 

I think abc is a*b*c. 



catmg  Jan 9, 2022

I think that perhaps using AM-GM gets the right answer.

(a + 5b + 15c)/3 >= cbrt(75*abc)

abc = a+5b+15c = x

x/3 >= cbrt(75*x)

And from there you can use algebra to simplify and solve. :))



 Jan 9, 2022

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