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Am I correct?





I am not sure about this question


Am I correct?




I'm not able to figure out the answer for this question


I wasn't able to answer this 






Help will be very appreciated 

 Mar 9, 2019

Problem 1 you are correct


Problem 3 you are not correct (what is 540/2?)


Problem 2 - come on... it's almost trivial.  What is f(-2)?  what is g(-2)?

 Mar 9, 2019

trivial? it was pretty hard for me

cerenetie  Mar 12, 2019

Hi Cerenity,


Yes i understand this may not be trivial for you but

Can you answer Rom's question please.

What is f(-2)?  what is g(-2)?


g(x) is in the table of values.  Can you see what g(-2) is?




To find f(-2)  you have to replace the x with -2.   Can you do that for us please. 

You will be more likely to get it right if you put the -2 in brackets like this  (-2)

Melody  Mar 12, 2019

1) is the domain of function A is the set of real numbers greater than 0

        the domain of function B is the set of  real numbers greater than or equal to 1


2) f(-2) = g(-2)


3) the distance plane A traveled in 1h is greater than the distance plane B traveled in 1h


4) Function A has a vertical asympotote at x=3

    Function A has a vertical asympotote at x= 4


5) both functions have one negative and one positive x-intercept

cerenetie  Mar 14, 2019

Thanks for your response Cerentie.

To be honest I am reather confused because there are so many questions here all together.

Next time just put one question per post. :)

But I am going to look at question 2 for you.  Here it is:


\(f(x)=3-x^2\\ so\\ f(-2)=3-(-2)^2\\ \text{see I have swapped the x for -2}\\ f(-2)=3-(-2*-2)\\ f(-2)=3-(4)\\ f(-2)=3-4\\ f(-2)=-1\\\)



g(x)= well you will have to read this one off the table.

for g(-2)  you go down to x=-2 then across and you can see that g(-2)=-1






Melody  Mar 15, 2019

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