what is the equation of a parabola with vertext at the origin and directrix \(x=-\frac{5}{2}\)

how do i find this

and what is the best way to cook a hamburger

OfficialBubbleTanks  Mar 12, 2018

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the hamburger i can answer. 


Grill it until its not pink on the inside and until it is nice and greasy. If you donĀ“t like greasy hamburgers then push it down with the spatula twice every flip

penquino21  Mar 12, 2018

We have


4px  =  y^2         p  = distance between the origin and  the directrix


4(5/2)x = y^2             


10x = y^2


x  = (1/10)y^2



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 12, 2018

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