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A 2.2 GB game is being downloaded on your laptop. When you have downloaded half a gigabyte, you notice tat your computer has been downoading at a rate of .01 GB/ min.


(A)     Write an inequality that represents AT LEAST how many minutes M it will take to download the whole game. 

 Oct 17, 2019

If the rate is 0.1GB/min for that half, it has taken

0,.GB/(0.1GB/min) = 5 min.


If the download speed (somehow) increased to infinity after that, it would only have taken 5 min to download.

But since a download speed of infinity is impossible, it will definitely take more than 5 mins (though we don't know the speed afterwards)

So the game download time is >5min. :)

 Oct 17, 2019

thank you!!!

veraguitars1234  Oct 17, 2019

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