Multiplication of a monomial with a monomial will result in:

A. a monomial

B. a binomial

C. a trinomial

D. Cannot be determined

 Apr 28, 2021

The multiplication of a monomial with a monomial will always result in a monomial. Here is my reasoning:



The definition of a binomial (in my own words) is an algebraic expression consisting of more than one terms. Now, a term is a product of multiplication of numbers and variables. Because of this, no matter what monomials you take, a binomial will always have a plus or minus sign between two terms. So, if you multiply two monomials, no matter what, it will be impossible to get a plus or minus sign. Let me show you some examples:


(4a) * (2a) = 8a


(3z) * (3w) = 3z3w


(2x^3) * (4z^2) = 2x^3 * 4z^2


And these are all monomials. A monomial cannot have a plus/minus sign, or else it would be a binomial, and so if you multiply two monomials, it will result in:


a) a monomial

 Apr 28, 2021

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