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4.9 × 3.2

 Sep 26, 2018
edited by Cedricedmonds  Sep 26, 2018

\(\hspace{4mm}49\\ *\hspace{1mm}32\\ \overline{\quad\quad}\\ \hspace{4mm}98\\ 1470\\ \overline{\quad\quad}\\ 1568\)


I multiplied these numbers as if they were integers. Notice, however, that 4.9 and 3.2 have one place after the decimal. We account for this by adding in the decimal point at the combined places of both multipliers. 


4.9 has one digit after the decimal, and 3.2 has one digit after the decimal, too, so that means that final answer has 2 places of decimal. 



 Sep 26, 2018

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