I was playing music on shuffle when 5 songs from the same album played in succession. The album is 11 songs long and my library consists of 320 songs. How would I put this in a human perspective, considering how big fat and ugly the number spat out would probably be?

Guest Jul 9, 2017

If this is something that happened in real life...I don't think those shuffles are really well randomized. But I can't figure out what exactly they do. Sometimes I think more recently added songs are prioritized, or sometimes the first letter of the song title has to do with it....it depends on which music app you use.


As for the probability of that happening if it really was random...I don't really know... sorry!

hectictar  Jul 9, 2017
edited by hectictar  Jul 9, 2017

You won't notice anything unusual about the first song.

However, if the second song comes from the same album (11/320 -- including possibly a repeat of the first song), you might wonder about that.

Getting the third song from the same album:  11/320 x 11/320.

Getting the fourth song from the same album:  11/320 x 11/320 x 11/320.

Getting the fifth song from the same album:  11/320 x 11/320 x 11/320 x 11/320  =  1.396 x 10-6  =  0.00 00 014

This is about 14 out of 10,000,000  =  1 out of 700,000  (approximately).

Even though this is a slim chance, this is a lot better -- a lot, lot, lot, lot better -- than winning the lottery.

geno3141  Jul 9, 2017

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