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Instructions and information for questions askers

1)  The number of questions posted is increasing every week.  It is becoming increasingly normal for some questions to go unanswered.   It is becoming impossible to answer them all.  

Older questions tend to lose priority because students often would have found their answers elsewhere or simply lost interest.  If your question is still on the first page, please be patient.  If your question 'falls off' the first page you are welcome to make a new 'priority post'

Perhaps you could title it   "Unanswered question - please can someone help me."


Copy the address of your original question and paste it into the post.

(Most of you can do this by highlighting the address in the address bar - right click - choose copy from the menu.  Then place curser where you want it in the new post, right click and choose paste from the drop down menu)

This way your question will not be answered twice.  Answerers are too busy for that - there are always other people waiting.  Please be considerate of others.

Here is an example of a 'bumped' question.


An example of what you might like to call yours   

"Unanswered trig question from yesterday - Please help me."


2)  If you want to query an answer you are always encouraged to do so.  We want to teach you.

 If you do not understand then let us know.  (With a new post on the same thread)

When you are satisfied please say thank you and if you are a member give thumbs up.


NOTE: Answerers are always encouraged to give priority to member questions.

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