Name the next three terms in the sequence:  6,8,-32,-30,120


I first tried and got 122, -610 and -608. Supposedly the first number is right but not the next? I hope someone can help soon!

 Sep 10, 2018

\(A_2=A_1+2\\ A_3=A_2\cdot(-4)\\ A_4=A_3+2\\ A_5=A_4\cdot(-4)\\ \)

For the next term, you take 120 and add two to get 122. 

Then, you multiply by -4 to get -488. 

Finally, you add two again to get -486. 


The next three terms in order are 122, -488, -486. 

 Sep 10, 2018

Thanks so much!

 Sep 10, 2018

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