Sloan the sloth crawls at 100 meters per hour when crawling uphill, 120 meters per hour when crawling across flat ground, and 150 meters per hour when crawling downhill. One day, Sloan crawls across the forest floor from a tree stump to a spring, and then takes the same route in reverse to return to the tree stump. What was Sloan's average speed during the entire round trip?

 Jun 24, 2021
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120 m/s     answered the other day



We know the average flat speed is 120



If you draw a diagram you will see that the up and the down paths are equal for his roundtrip


Call the distance one way = d     2 d for round trip


time on uphill    d/100   time on downhill   d/150


average speed      2 d /(d/100+d/150)  = 2d/ ( 3d/300 + 2d/300) = 2d / ( 5d/300) =  600/5 = 120 m/s


so all of the sections average 120 m/s     so his overall average speed is 120 m/s

 Jun 24, 2021
edited by Guest  Jun 24, 2021

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