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Which function is shown on the graph?

f(x)= 1/2sinx

f(x)= −1/2sinx

f(x)= 1/2cosx

f(x)= −1/2cosx



What is the frequency of the sinusoidal graph?

Which equation represents the function on the graph?

f(x)= cos2x

f(x)= sin2x

f(x)= cos1/2x

f(x)= sin1/2x

 Feb 7, 2019

First one


The graph is (1/2) as high s the normal sine graph  and is also reflected about the x axis


So.....the correct equation is     f(x) =  (-1/2)sin x



Second one


The period is  pi


The frequency =  1 /period   =   1 / pi



Last one


This is the sine graph with a period compressed by a factor of 2




f(x) = sin (2x)



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 Feb 7, 2019

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