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Word problems confuse me. I have to do a practice problem and have to show all my work. Could you help me on this one and explain it to me?? I need to know how to do this same problem, but with different amounts and numbers.


Karen has a coin jar that contains only nickels and quarters from before 1920.  The coin jar has a total of 54 coins.  The value of the coins inside the jar equals $9.10.  How many of each type of coin are in Karen's Jar?



 May 9, 2019

There are 54 coins     Let x be the number of quarters.....then 54-x is the number of nickles


.25 x = value of quarters

.05 (54-x) = value of nickles.....       added together, these must equal 9.10


.25x   +  .05(54-x) = 9.10       solve for 'x',,,the number of quarters, the rest will be nickles (54-x)


Go !  

 May 9, 2019

What does "1920" have to do with the problem????......LOL!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  May 10, 2019

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