on this one, I have colored the tiles

 May 1, 2020

For goodness sakes, if you do not know how to rotate your photo just turn your camera when you take your shot.

I am sure you are smart enough to work out how to put pictures up that are not sideways!

 May 1, 2020
edited by Melody  May 1, 2020

a)   For the first series, the  coloring pattern is

        2, 4, 6

      The algebraic expression is     b =  2n    where b is the  number of colored blocks  for  figure  n


       For the second series we have


       The algebraic expression  is  b = 2n + 2   where b is the number of colored blocks for figure n


b)   For the first expression, 2 is the  coefficient on the variable and we have  no constant term

      For the second expressiion, 2 is both the constant term and the coefficient


c)  The coefficient in the  first algebraic expression tells us that the  number of  blocks to be colored increases by 2          for each successive  figure


     The coefficient  in the second algebraic expression also increases the number of blocks  by 2 for each successive figure and the  constant term tells us that we will increase the number of blocks by 2 from each corresponding figure in the  first series   



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 May 1, 2020

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