The manager of a company that sells movie tickets online releases a report. The report states that the company's customers do not want the option of reserving a seat when they buy tickets. The report was based on a survey of 200 customers chosen at random from the company's database. Participants were asked the question, "Are you willing to spend the extra time and effort to reserve a seat when you buy tickets?"

Select all statements that correctly evaluate the report.


The question is biased toward a Yes response.

The sample is biased because it does not represent the population.

The question is biased toward a No response.

The question is not biased.

The sample is not biased.


2)Does each situation describe a survey, an experiment, or an observational study?

Select Survey, Experiment, or Observational Study for each situation.



Patients who visit a clinic for the first time are asked to answer 15 questions about their health history.


A researcher randomly chooses 20 patients who come to the clinic with the flu and gives them an experimental drug. A randomly chosen group of 20 patients who come in with the flu receive a placebo.


A doctor at the clinic asks patients who come in with a headache how many hours of sleep they get on a typical night.

 Apr 29, 2019

The two correct answers for the first question is: (The question is biased toward a No response.) & (The sample is not biased.) 


Hope this helps. 

 May 14, 2019

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