A farmer has decided to divide his land area in half in order to plant soy and corn. Calculate the area of the entire area so he knows how much soil is needed.
A parallelogram with a height of 6 yards and side length 9 yards. The height forms a triangle with the slanted side of the rhombus with a base of 2.5 yards. Rhombus is split into a soy half and a corn half.

 Feb 9, 2019

Really need to see a pic here, pigglepoox......hard for me to see what is being described



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 Feb 9, 2019

I think the parallelogram has height 6 and the sides perpendicular to the height are 9, and the two remaining sides that are not parallel to the height are 2.5.


In that case, you use the formula a=bh, so the answer is 9*6=54.

 Feb 9, 2019

Actually too there is more to this



Each bag of soil covers 15 square yards. How many bags should the farmer purchase?

 Feb 11, 2019

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