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Hi, I need help with these questions. I'm not at all good with this :/


1st- Im terribe at word problems, especially this one:







 Mar 21, 2019

The answer for the first is D

\(An = 600,000(1.15)\)^n-1


This is because on the seperate years it shows how much it increased:

3rd Year: 600,000

2nd Year: 690,000

1st year: 793,500


It increased 1.15 each year and started off with 600,000

\(793,500 ÷ 690,000 = 1.15\)

\(690,000 ÷ 600,000 = 1.15\)


Even if you multiply each one by 1.15 you will get the amount the next year, so from the 3rd year to the 2nd it increased 1.15. 

I'm sorry but I don't know what the recursice rule or explicit rule is for geometric sequences, I'm sorry.


Hope this Helps ;P

 Mar 21, 2019

That's ok! Thanks for the help you could offer!

Guest Mar 21, 2019

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