Find the equation whose graph is shown below. Write your answer in standard form. (Standard form is Ax + By = c, where A is positive, and A, B, and C are integers with greatest common divisor 1.)


 Feb 6, 2022

First, you will need to pick two points from the graph and label one of them (x1, y1) and the other (x2, y2)

  If you choose the point (0, 3) to be (x1, y1), then  x1 = 0  and  y1 = 3

  If you choose the point (1, 5) to be (x2, y2), then  x2 = 1  and  y2 = 5.

Second, use these values in the slope equation:  m  =  ( y- y) / ( x2 - x1 )  to find the slope of the line.

Third, note that the y-intercept occurs at (0, 3), so you now know the value of b (the y-intercept).

Use the slope-intercept form of a line:  y  =  mx + b  to get an equation for the line.

Last, rearrange this equation to place it into standard form.

 Feb 6, 2022

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