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If 3x−y=12, what is the value of 8x2y?

A) 212
B) 44
C) 82
D) The value cannot be determined from the information given.

 Feb 22, 2019

Can't say


y = 3x - 12     ......  but x, y can take on infinite values because this is a line


So...without any other info


8x2y   could take on infinite values, as well





cool  cool cool

 Feb 22, 2019


   which can be rewritten




    Since the numerator and denominator have a common base, this expression can be rewritten as 2(3x−y). In the question, it states that 3x−y=12, so one can substitute 12 for the exponent, 3x−y, which means that



I think is this right?

 Feb 22, 2019

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