1. How much thicker is the heavy-duty aluminum foil than the regular aluminum foil? Calculate this by dividing the larger thickness by the smaller thickness. This will give you a value that shows what percentage thicker the heavy-duty foil is than the regular foil. Express your answer as a percent. [Hint: Here’s an example.  Let’s say that you divide your larger value by your smaller value and get 1.75. This means that the larger value is 75% larger than the smaller value.] (3 pts)


^ above is the teacher's example. I don't understand the 1 in 1.75 disappearing from the percentage. Shouldn't it be 175%?


My numbers are:


then the percentage would be 217.64705882% 

 Sep 6, 2021

2.17 times thicker would be a   117 % thicker


say it is   5 mil thickness      100% thicker would be 10 mil thickness   BUT it is twice as thick..... do you see?

 Sep 7, 2021

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