A tree produces 1000 leaves a year. In Summer it produces four times as much as in Winter. In Fall it produces half as much as in Spring.

The same tree drops 855 leaves a year. In Fall it drops 11 times as much as in Spring and in Summer it drops one twelfth of what it drops in winter.

What is the sum of the total leaf production of Spring and Fall?

 Jul 9, 2020

Here is my attempt at this:
Winter growth = W
Summer growth =4W
Fall growth =F
Spring growth =2F

Spring shedding =F
Fall shedding =11F
Winter shedding =W
Summer shedding =1/12W
5W + 3F =1000,
13/12W + 12F =855, solve for F, W
F =~56 Leaves
W =~166 Leaves
Total Spring and Fall growth =56 * 3 =~170 leaves (rounded). 

 Jul 9, 2020

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