Laura's yard is in the shape a square and a half circle 17m by 17m what is the approcimate area

KawaiiKibby  May 9, 2017

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So the total area would be equivalent to...


Area of the square + (Half)The area of the circle 


We could translate that to...


(17 m)*(17 m) + (1/2)(pi*(17 m)^2)


Just solve that (use correct units) and you'll be fine.

HighSchoolCalculus  May 9, 2017

It's shaped like this: 

This means the area is the area of the a 17x17 square plus half the area of a circle with diameter Θ=17. 

Therefore the area of the square is 17^2 = 289

The area of the circle is π(8.5)^2 = 226.98, which divided by 2 is 113.49

The overall area is 289 + 113.49 = 402.49

SonOfAJeffer  May 9, 2017

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