In SHORT BINGO, a  card is filled by marking the middle square as WILD and placing 24 other numbers in the remaining 24 squares.

Specifically a card is made by placing 5 numbers from the set  in the first column, 5 numbers from  in the second column, 4 numbers  in the third column (skipping the WILD square in the middle), 5 numbers from  in the fourth column and 5 numbers from  in the last column.

One possible SHORT BINGO card is:

To play SHORT BINGO, someone names numbers, chosen at random, and players mark those numbers on their cards. A player wins when he marks 5 in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

How many distinct possibilities are there for the values in the first row of a SHORT BINGO card?

 Jun 7, 2019

We have  5 possibilites for the every space in the top row  except the middle space which only has 4 possibilities




5^4 * 4  =   2500 possibilities



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 Jun 7, 2019

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