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The function c(t) =8t +10 Gives the amount c (in dollars) That you pay when you rent a kayak for $10 and use it for time t (in hours). Write AND  interpret the inverse of this function. 

 Nov 2, 2018

c(t)  =  8t + 10


For  c(t),  write c....  and we have


c = 8t + 10  subtract  10 from both sides


c - 10  = 8t      divide both sides by  8


[ c - 10 ]  / 8 =   t             and this is the  inverse


We can think of the original function  as having the coordinates =   ( hours, total cost )  =  ( t, c)


So..if we  use the kayak for  t hours. it costs c  dollars 


The inverse reverses these so that we have  =  ( total cost , hours )  =  (c , t)


So...what the inverse  is saying is that if it costs  c  amount to rent the kayak....we must use it  for  t hours



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 Nov 2, 2018

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