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I trust you are all doing well...Is the following a typo, or am I missing something?


I have:



They mention that X{0;90}..that means 1st quadrant, however calculating for Sinx we see it's negative? We need to calculate Tanx. 

So, \(Sinx=- {3 \over \sqrt13}\)

with the opposite side = -3 and hypoteneuse \(\sqrt13\)

 Apr 20, 2023

x = 2 π n - sin^(-1)(3/sqrt(13)) and n element Z

x = 2 π n + π + sin^(-1)(3/sqrt(13)) and n element Z


Hi juriemagic: I entered your question into "WolframAlpha" calculating engine and it gave me the above 2 answers. They give step by step solution but you have to subscribe to it in order to be able to see them. I think it costs about $65 US per year.

P.S. They generally use "radians" instead of "degrees" in solving Trig problems.

 Apr 20, 2023

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I'll check that out..stay blessed..

juriemagic  Apr 20, 2023

Its a typo   x is in the 3rd or 4th quad

 Apr 22, 2023

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