hello, everyone

and I personally want to say welcome as well to the new generation of Members and Anonymous people here to the Forums

now, it looks like we have a few features for the Mobile edition (I'll check the PC one later)

-New Look

now, thx to Mr.Massow, we have a new look, and were way above the Royal stage, this is better than Royal, let's call it The Punch as a better name

-New Leaderboards

mr.massow updated the leaderboards from the Top 10 now extending to the Top 100. This is really useful personally

now we all can battle for those points and compete truly 

now, the most important update of the Year

-New Roles!!!! (Entertainment news)

it appears that it was about time mr.massow got sick of my "games" as the bad guy, and has assigned me a new entertainment role as the BatMan now

so now I pretty much have to protect the Queen's throne 24/7 now instead of only when necessary 

say hello to your Cape Crusader everyone, or get vanished into the worst batman movie ever: Batman & Robin

 now tell me what you think of the New Update so far

and there's still more coming, but this is the big news now


 Aug 31, 2015

Hi TR,

Congratulations on hitting the "Top Users Board"    You will have to answer lots of questions to retain ,and advance your position.   I am sure you will give it your best shot.  Thank you for protecting Camelot and your Queen so valiantly :)   

 Aug 31, 2015

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