ilorty has reintroduced the 'WRAP'

This is an old idea that she is reinventing. I think this is great.

The idea is to give people forum news and a look at some of the more interesting questions that have been posted.


I would ask people, other than ilorty, NOT to post on the wrap.

There may be some things that some people can post that are truly worthwhile but as a general rule

PLEASE do not post on ilorty's wrap.


Thanks very much ilorty for spending your time for us in this way.    We appreciate it.


I have put ilorty's wrap in with the STICKY NOTES.   It is called     "End of day wrap 5"

 Sep 3, 2020

Thank you Melody!


I just (okay, a few hours ago) renamed the thread into "what is happening 5". So if anyone is confused, just know that they are the same thing laugh

 Sep 3, 2020

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