How many points of the form (x,y), where both coordinates are positive integers, lie below the graph of the hyperbola xy=16?

 Aug 7, 2020

What do you mean by 'no one is helping you'


You posted this question 6 hours ago



Geno answered you and you have not even been polite enough to say thank you or to give him a point.

In fact, you have never thanked anyone for helping you.


Most of your questions have 'asap' or 'quick' written into them.

These words are real disincentives for me to answer because it means you just want a quick answer, that you are not asking because you really want to learn or understand.

 Aug 7, 2020

Hi melody. I am sorry, I should've reworded my title that is my bad. But geno did not explain how to solve this question and for my wording choice of using asap and quick you cannot assume that I just want the answers. I am using those keywords because I am trying to get people to answer my quesitons quickly, there is not much of a deeper meaning to that. So I am still going to ask again for help on this question because I still don't understand how to solve it.

toodlestraws  Aug 7, 2020

If you do not understand an answer then say so on the original thread.

Answerers want you to interact with them.

Ignoring them is plain rude and reposting like this is even ruder.

I will now close this thread.

Melody  Aug 7, 2020
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