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why is this?

 Jun 22, 2017

It is because you post too much rubbish so now the system automatically hides your answers.

A moderator can unhide them if they want to, like I just did.

For most people who post good answers, the system works the other way around.

 Jun 23, 2017

I had a great answer for you, but it got flagged automatically.



I suggest you use other sites like "Math exchange" that dont flag you for every little thing, or, if you're not here for your math homework, literally any OTHER site.


The moderators here dont do anything, and when they do, they do the worst thing possible.


I dont really know you, and some of the people here really are trolls that should be blocked. But the moderators just got over-sensitive and now they flag everything, so its probably not your fault.

 Jun 23, 2017
edited by Guest  Jun 23, 2017
edited by Guest  Jun 23, 2017

Note: I am not a moderator


"The moderators here dont do anything, and when they do, they do the worst thing possible" is an inappropriate, erroneous, and non-substantiated assertion.


  1. Constructing a straightforward yet comprehensive answer is not an effortless task; it requires manipulating language so that the asker can understand the concept fully.
  2. Moderators are constantly searching for inappropriate conduct and acting on any such activity.
  3. Moderators are online daily

These statements directly controvert the above declaration, and an overabundance of evidence exists for support


  1. Skim the profiles of the moderators. They have answered many thousands of questions. 
  2. They have mailed me personally before telling me how I shouldnt be simply answering the questions without an explanation.
TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 23, 2017

Technically, they don't flag everything. Only the inappropriate things . . .

ChristopherGold  Jun 23, 2017


The mods on here "don't do anything?"


I beg to differ.........I've answered over 20,000 questions since I signed on......


Or, at least I think that was me.....!!!!


We "overly-sensitive" mods just don't tolerate too much BS......your post was a prime example.....




cool cool cool

 Jun 23, 2017

Maaaan CPhill I just wish you knew how much I was thinkin that same thing!!!!

Guest Jun 23, 2017

That's right, CPhill! There is no such thing as not doing anything, there is something always happening.

ChristopherGold  Jun 23, 2017

Again, this is not what i meant....


I meant you and the other moderators arent that great in managing the site. I didnt doubt the fact they answer most of the questions.


I just want you to stop deleting every post because you think it might hurt someone. All i did was criticizing, just like im criticizing the mods right now. I cant post any answer that is not related to math even if that answer is a response to a non-related question because you just delete them every time.


I dont understand why you see me as the problem here. All im asking for is for the moderators to stop deleting every post because that might look somehow like im trying to insult the guy.


I didnt try to insult him, and i never did.

Guest Jun 24, 2017
edited by Guest  Jun 24, 2017

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