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Would it be considered negative or positive infinity?

 Oct 2, 2018

Note that the function is at a max  at  x   =  2


From there....the function decreases as we move to the right...so...it decreases on    ( - 2, inf )  =   2 < x < inf ⇒ "C"


  {  Positive infinity is to the right....negative infinity is to the left.... on the x axis }


I think that you are getting confused..."interval"  usually refers to  the   x axis  values


The function decreases to -infinity along the y axis  as we move to the right


So  we can say that, as we move toward infinity on the x axis....the function decreases to -infinity along the y axis


Does that make sense....???


cool cool cool

 Oct 2, 2018
edited by CPhill  Oct 2, 2018

Knew it! Thanks!!

RainbowPanda  Oct 2, 2018

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