Number of credits, Number of students with this many 

8                              1

10                             2

14                              1

16                              1

18                              4

19                              1

20                               1

22                               1

30                               1

36                               1

42                               1

45                               1

46                                4

50                                3

51                                1

74                                 1

 What is the average number of credits earned by students in the class?


What are the median and mode of the number of credits earned by students in the class? Which of the mean, median, and mode best represents the number of credits earned by a typical student in the class?

 Apr 13, 2021

Part 1


To find the average from that list we need to add all the numbers together. Don't forget to add it with the number of students it has. (So 10 has 2 students you would add it twice because there are 2 students.)

Adding all these numbers you get:



To find the average you also have to divide it by the amount of numbers that were in the problem.


Figuring out the number of numbers we had to add together there are 25 in total

Dividing that with 803 you get:

32.12 as the average

Part 2


The median is the number that is in the middle of the list. To find it you have to line up all the numbers from least to greatest. Because we have an odd amount of numbers we already know our median will be a full number. (If it was even it would be a decimal you can look it up on your own time.)


The middle number out of the list would be the 13th number which is 30.

That means 30 is our median.


Part 3


The mode is simply the number that appears most often. So we just have to look at the list and figure out which number we added the most. 

We added 46 and 18 both 4 times making them both the mode.

(If you are wondering a set of numbers can have more than one mode.)


Part 4

"Which of the ... best represents the number of credits earned by the typical student?"


If they want to know what best represents their "typical student" (When they say typical student they refer to "Average Student" if that makes more sense) then we have to look back and see which answer solved the "average" number of credits.

(Ignoring the fact I've said average too many times wink) The answer we got for the first part (or the part where we solved the average) shows what the typical student would possibly get on the test.

Hope this helped! laugh

 Apr 13, 2021

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