Can someone teach me how to perform LaTeX?

 Aug 10, 2021

Start with simple things.  Confidence and ability will grow.


Start by opening the latex box and writing




and you will see it is a fraction.


press ok and whammo, you have a fraction.


If you want to learn on this site you can make your own thread, headed "I'm just practicing Latex"  and use it as your practice thread.

It will be easier to keep track of if you become a member.

**  If you have specific questions you can ask on the forum.


There is "LaTex" coding thread in the sticky topics and there are a great many outside resources as well.

 Aug 11, 2021
edited by Melody  Aug 11, 2021

Here is my knowledge of LaTeX:


Usually there are dollar signs around the numbers


Function: $f(x)$


Interval: $[2, 1]$


There are backslashes and brackets for polynomials??


\[z^8 +3z^7 +z^6.\]


Fractions use: /frac {1}{2}, (1/2)


That's all I know 

 Aug 11, 2021

If you use the LaTex box don't worry about the dollar signs.

I never add dollar signs on this site!

Melody  Aug 11, 2021


Oh, I just realized, Bilbous does not have much knowledge.   (No criticism intended)

Notice he (or her) has used a forward slash in front of the fraction.  That is wrong. It is a backslash.     \


The Backslash indicates that what follows is a function.  That probably does not make much sense to you but don't worry.

Just build up your knowledge a little at a time and the pace will speed up on its own.

Melody  Aug 11, 2021

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