HI! Wolf here I just had a question about something on this website. Why do users (guest or with an account) sometimes just put random answers? I have occured this problem more than once and its really confusing. When I also try to help people I dont usally look at the problems that have 1 or 2 comments already, so it gets even more difficult to find someone who needs help or has already gotten it. It has happened to me sometimes when I ask a question and someone just gives a random answer. 


SO my main question is... Why? Why do people put random answers with next to no information or false information. Whats the purpose?


Thank you if you answer this it was just something i was thinking about

~Wolf :D

 Jul 23, 2020

Well, it's basically the same reason as: 'Why do people bully". Nobody really knows why this happens, you'll have to ask the prankers yourself. But, right now, people will do anything to get their likes up, whether on Instagram or here. 


Maybe they are being bad just to be bad, or maybe they don't realize that they are being bad, or maybe they are just doing that to get their scores up.


But remember, nobody is perfect, and sometimes, people make mistakes. So, if someone makes a mistake in their math and gets the wrong answer or did not do it the right way, it does not mean that they are trying to troll anybody.


Concerning the question about people giving no information or little to none, nobody knows except for the doer themselves. If you really want to help those people, you can still add your answer, EVEN if it already has multiple relpies.


Hope this helped!

 Jul 23, 2020
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Why? Why do people put random answers with next to no information or false information.   


I didn't know that they were, at least not to an extent worth mentioning.  Can you cite some examples? 


 Jul 23, 2020

Why do people post questions without identifying who they are?

You say you are wolf but next time you could be kitten or frypan.

Usernames are used for identification.

Membership is free and easy so why would you ask questions like this anonymously?

 Jul 23, 2020

I am so sorry if i came off rude to you all... I cant create an account because my family wont let me. I use this Wolf as a way to create an account with out creating one. 

So sorry if I came off rude I just really wanted to know...

thx anyways.

Guest Jul 23, 2020

That is ok Wolf, you did not sound rude at all.

I was just making an observation in my own blunt way.

Thank you for explaining.    laugh

Melody  Jul 24, 2020

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