Hey guys, I need a league to get into for Madden Mobile cuz every league I find on my own are very inactive and don't play in tournaments or championships 


so yeah, I'm trying to find a league in Madden Mobile (this game):



here is my basic profile info:


Game Name: Royal Titanium

Level: P15/Level 65

Ratings: 91 Offense, 90 Defense, 89 Overall

3x Super Bowl Champion (Accomplished 1 undefeated season)

Season Records:

Season 1: 15-1, Won Super Bowl

Season 2: 14-2, Lost Super Bowl

Season 3: 16-0, Won Super Bowl To Go Undefeated

Season 4: 12-4, Lost Conference Championship

Season 5: 13-3, Won Super Bowl

Season 6: 13-3, Lost Divisional Playoffs

Season 7: 15-1, Lost Conference Championship

Season 8: 15-1, Lost Super Bowl


Pictures Of My Team (Top: Offense, Bottom: Defense)




My submitting for anyone looking for a great madden mobile player

 Mar 3, 2016

P.S. Please do NOT reply IF your league is not looking for someone or if you don't play madden

 Mar 3, 2016

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