Ivy, Ken, and Ron shared some sweets in the ratio 5: 4 : 2. Ken gave some of his sweets to Ivy and Ron. As a result, his sweets decreased by 75%. After receiving some sweets from Ken, Ron's. Find the sweets increased by 50%. Find the percentage increase in the number of sweets that Ivy had. 

 Apr 6, 2021

ivy$=5k$ for some part k

ken$=4k$ for some part k

ron$=2k$ for some part k









Setting these equal, ignoring the 3k, we see $4k-c=2k+c$, so:






So Ivy's sweets increased by $k$, so her percentage increase was $\frac{6}{5}=120=\boxed{20}$ percent increase

 Apr 6, 2021

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