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Look- what I am going to say is probably going to upset some stomachs. But it is true.


Don't waste your time on downvoting me.



Some users tend to spam a lot of questions.

Some people just want answers.

I am not saying they are the same people, but there seems to be a lot of people on this site that are both.

I am not trying to be mean.

Just- try and stick to this rule- Post one question every five problems, if really needed.

Spamming can lead to some people hating you and then point deduction.

I know I might get a point deduction for posting this, but this is my belief.


Answerers, we don't really don't- or can't stay on that long.

So we give priority to the ones that we like. Human Nature.



I do not know if other answerers do this, but I give every person a specific amount of "likes" as you can call it. (Mentally, of course.)

The more people spam, the downer it goes.

I mean- ten questions a day is good and all, but five questions every ten minutes?

I think that is overdoing it.



 Oct 29, 2019
edited by tommarvoloriddle  Oct 30, 2019

? I don't really notice that, I mean, there's not much spam on the website, it's mostly just random stuff and the occasional nasty Guest...

 Oct 29, 2019

I like that some people get the topic that I was wondering about to, I was wondering if you wouldent mind me reposting this, or adding it to my welcome message. I will put your name in it also for credit if you want, If you dont mind me doing so. You might want to change it up a bit for something that is going to be there for awhile.




 Oct 29, 2019

I'll change it.

tommarvoloriddle  Oct 30, 2019

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