On a photograph of a triangular piece of land, the lengths of the three sides are 4 cm, 6 cm, and 9 cm, respectively. The shortest side of the actual piece of land is 240m long. Find the lengths of the other two sides.


The length of the longest side of the triangular piece of land is ___ m2 , cm2, m▼


The length of the middle-sized side of the triangular piece of land is _____ m2, cm 2, m▼

ladiikeiii  Nov 29, 2017

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The dimensions of the photograph are proportional to the dimensions of the land:


If the shortest side =240 m

240 / 4 x 6 =360 m

360/ 6 x 9  =540 m, so that:

240:360:540 =4:6:9

Guest Nov 29, 2017

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