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Hello, I just have one math equation that I need to solve quickly. I appreciate all your help.


At an ocean depth of 20 m, a buoy bobs up and then down 2 m from the ocean's depth.  Four seconds pass from when the buoy is at its highest and lowest points. Assume at x = 0, the buoy is at normal ocean depth.

The first point must be on the midline and the second point must be a maximum or minimum value on the graph closest to the first point.

 Feb 9, 2018

We'll use a sin graph since at x=0 the buoy is at the y midline....

the period is 8 seconds  (highest point to lowest point and back to highest point)

Frequency is   1/period     1/8

Starts at 20  (sine wave shifted up 20 m)

Amplitude  2   (up 2 meters then down 2 meters below norma ocean depth)    .....( I think this is what you meant in your question.....if it bobs UP 2m then back to normal depth then down 2m)


2sin((2pi x)/8)   + 20



 Feb 9, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 9, 2018

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