Hello everyone, I only need help with one math question. I've attempted to solve this but I haven't gotten very far. If someone could possibly assist me with this question, I'd gladly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your help. Also, if you help me solve this problem, I ask that you also encorporate the steps so that I can know how to solve problems similar to this one in the future. Thanks so much! :)


Heres the question:

 Lilly kept track of how many text messages she sent each day, one week. The numbers were 21, 57, 32, 25, 33, 42,  and 46. On average, how many text messages did she send each day?

Guest Sep 12, 2018

Add the numbers  and divide this sum by 7.....that will be the average per day...




cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 12, 2018

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