Is there a way to make this calculator show answers in (forgive me I've forgotten the name) something that looks like "3e17" or "3*10^17" 

I am able to type a problem in this format but the answer is not coming out in the format

Guest Oct 25, 2017

I think what you mean is scientific notation right?

supermanaccz  Oct 25, 2017

yes thank you

Guest Oct 25, 2017

If you press "enter" again it will turn it into scientific notation.


For example, If you type  20 * 300  and press enter, it gives you  6000 .

then press enter again and it becomes  6 × 103 .


Also if you just type  35600  and press "enter" it turns it into  3.56 × 104

hectictar  Oct 25, 2017

ah thank youu

Guest Oct 25, 2017

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