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oof find the areaoof. 

 Jun 28, 2018

We have an irregular trapezoid

If we drew a perpendicular line from the top right vertex of the figure to the base......the right half of   the two figures formed would be a right triangle 

The base length of this triangle  is (24 - 10)  = 14  units

And since one of the angles of the right triangle is 45.....the other angle at the top of the triangle is also 45....and in a 45-45-90  right triangle.....the sides opposite the 45° angles are equal....so....the height of this triangle  = the base length  = 14  =  the height of the trapezoid


And the area of a trapezoid  is 


(1/2) height  *  ( sum of the bases)  =


(1/2) (14) (24 + 10)  =


7 * 34  =




Here is a picture to help you understand



cool cool cool

 Jun 28, 2018

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