Hey everyone,

how have you been,

im sorry i havent been here for months , and i know some of you mught be angry with me for posting a question and not getting back at it, and i really have no excuse except that i have so much to do thta i forget about it and when i remember i assign it a time to check and forget about it again, i sincerely apologise to those who have answered my questions previously and havent received a feedback. 


this time i will make sure to get back at the questions im posting,


im nearly done with my optics chapter but i dont understand a few critical concepts which involve a lot of important questions. i know this is a math forum but i really need help with these questions and you guys are the only help i have be it physics , chemistry or maths, i'm ever grateful for your existence!!


ive taken the pictures of those questions and these are more or less the same, i tried my bets to solve them but since they're all related i couldnt . i hope you guys can help me.


sorry if the picture quality isn't upto your liking.....


















im sorry i tried my best to upload pictures here and couldnt do it , so i use another site, thanks to all those in advance willing to help!


i just realized im pretty awful in solving questions like these.!!


have a nice day!



 Feb 7, 2019

Welcome back Rosala! Good to see you!! laugh

 Feb 7, 2019


Rosala, these images are atrocious; most require enhancement just to read them.


The questions you’ve posted are examples from a text book that includes comprehensive solutions.  Considering this, you need to present your questions in clear context.  That is, you need to explain what you do not understand about the question and/or solution, and include explicit examples.   


 If you do not understand anything about them, then you need to return to the prerequisites and master those skills before continuing on. This is usually what you need to do when you do not understand the concepts. 


If you do not have time to diligently study, then you do not have time to learn this material.  This is a simple law of [physics] education. There is no substitute for studying.



 Feb 7, 2019

lol, gingerAle got me shook, that is much more backlash that i'd expected,,,,,,laugh.......


well i apologise, i didnt realize the site didnt let you magnify the image...oops......


well its not the concept, ive solved all the other questions but ive tried cracking these multiple times by reading the explanation but i couldnt understand it , i thought maybe you guys could give me another point of view. 


is there a way i can upload the image here?


every times i try to do it , it somehow just shows me to keep uploading the image even after ive selected it and when i do it the image doesnt appear....

 Feb 7, 2019

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