Creatures that are very sensitive to the changes in the air before a storm can “predict” a change in the weather. Birds, for example, sense the pressure change and fly lower. Low-flying birds, then, indicate that rain is coming. Similarly, houseflies detect this change and move indoors to avoid the downpour. And cats are known to groom themselves just before a storm. In doing so, they are reacting to the static electricity that enters the air before a thunderstorm. The electricity separates their fur and makes them feel dirty, so they lick themselves to make the fur smooth and “clean” again.

 I need help doing the parts of speech from the underlined words 

 Feb 17, 2020

Creatures = I think it's a noun. Person, place or thing.


And = Conjunction


"Clean" = Adjective?


Downpour = Noun?


Themselves = I think it's Pronoun??


Sense = Verb?


"a" = Preposition...?


Seperates their: Ummm I know "their" is a pronoun, and "seperates" is a verb. Soooo. Verb?


"Indicate" = IDK Verb?


Themselves just: Themselves = pronoun. Just = Adverb. Sooo... Adverb? 


The rest, I'm not sure...


I used this link: http://www.butte.edu/departments/cas/tipsheets/grammar/parts_of_speech.html

 Feb 17, 2020

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