You plan to attend night school in 3 months so you can qualify for a promotion at work. You need to earn an additional $1,140 for tuition within that time. You take a second job, which pays $8 per hour. The work schedule is flexible, and you can work as many hours as you want. Taxes take 15% of your wages and you save the rest. Over the next 3 months, what is the minimum number of hours you could work each month to earn the money for tuition?

Whiz333  Apr 22, 2017

Due to the taxes yo must pay (15%)   ,  $ 1,140 represents 85% of what you must save.

100% would be 1341.18     at $8/hr this is    1341.18/8 = 167.65 hours

ASSUMING 4 weeks in a month you have  4wks/mo  x 3 mo = 12 weeks to work this many hours


167.65 hrs/12weeks = 13.97 ~~ 14 hrs/week

ElectricPavlov  Apr 22, 2017

At your hardware store, you buy hammers for $30 a dozen and sell them for $3.50 each. What is the percent markup for the hammers?

Guest Apr 29, 2017

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