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thank you for helping me on this!

 Oct 10, 2019
edited by jjennylove  Oct 10, 2019

Divide the distances of the satellites by the distance to the nearest star....

   then    satellite A will be something like 1 /30 th   or  .765  the distance of the nearest star    (examples)

 Oct 10, 2019

...after you get the decimal comparison of how far they are compared to the nearest star  (.765 in my example)  multiply by 100% to get the percentage....     76.5 % of the way to the star   etc

   or more likely , you will find something like   .0000765 of the distance to the star....  x 100 = .00765 %   or  7.65 x 10-3 % in scientific notation

ElectricPavlov  Oct 10, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Oct 10, 2019

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